GNAX DOES Back Up protects the integrity of your online operations.

In 2010, Data Center Knowledge reported that 63 percent of readers were in the midst of data center and storage expansion. Furthermore, 50 percent of healthcare IT departments have open positions and 50 percent of CIOs state their staff members are stressed (according to Kirby Partners, a healthcare IT recruiting firm).

The GNAX DOES Back Up solution solves healthcare’s storage, budget and staffing issues by off-loading on-site hardware and system management costs. GNAX DOES Back Up has business continuity solutions for any size healthcare organization facing any degree of crisis. Whether it's a power outage, a flood or any other unexpected event, your mission-critical data is safe within the walls of GNAX data centers. We offer you the flexibility of choosing the plans that best suit your organization’s needs.

  • Decrease your back up and archive costs
  • Achieve economies of scale with pay-as-you-go cloud storage
  • Ensure your clinical staff has access to your critical data
  • Achieve application business continuity with cloud services

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