Improve application performance and lower healthcare IT costs.


Healthcare Application Delivery

As your healthcare organization grows, so does your IT infrastructure and its complexity. Not to mention the cost! Regardless of the applications, platforms, and policies in place, GNAX ensures that private and secure patient files are always protected; often at less cost and administrative hassle.

Your facility can choose which security practices best fit your own unique requirements.

Offload Secondary Apps to GNAX Health

Like many healthcare organizations, you need to accommodate a plethora of ancillary applications. They require a great deal of space and IT support.

While ancillary applications take up a small portion of your overall budget, they monopolize much more of your staff. Let us manage your second tier applications so you can focus your resources and budget on core systems like HIS and EHR….ones that directly affect patient care.

Sample applications to consider offloading

  • CPN
  • CDIS
  • BedMaster
  • WebStrat
  • Sigma Spectrum
  • MedQuist
  • Q-Tel
  • Rapid Comm
  • EPSi
  • VisionShare
  • Horizon Patient Folder

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