Cushion your healthcare technology…in the cloud


Exclusive VMware vCloud Powered state-of-the-art cloud computing solutions

More virtual machines are deployed now than physical, on-premise machines. Virtualization is one of the top 5 healthcare IT trends and the healthcare cloud is here to stay. How can you capitalize on the promise of the cloud?

  • Select the right partner
  • Start with 2nd tier applications
  • Use VMWare standards

Protecting Healthcare Data in the Cloud

GNAX Health cloud solutions use Intel Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) to improve the security of sensitive data while increasing cryptographic performance by more than 60% over other encryption methods.
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Select a cloud computing vendor already in healthcare.
Why? Because they've “been there and done that”, so they understand the nuances of HIPAA privacy, health data security and mission critical uptime. Patient care never sleeps and neither should your cloud vendor.

Select a cloud computing vendor that is financially sound and reputable.
The last thing you want to do is move processing to a third party and find out they're either going to be acquired or just dissolve. Because at that point you have even bigger problems, especially when it comes to getting your data moved and keeping it secure.

Starting with your commodity applications is a good first-step if your goal is to carefully and selectively move into cloud computing. GNAX lets you offload second tier, specialty applications like document management, staffing, supplies, pumps and more to the cloud.

You maintain your healthcare organization’s performance and security requirements with cloud computing options that dramatically:

  • Lower costs
  • Improve application performance
  • Enable business agility

GNAX Cloud - vCloud Powered
GNAX is a vCloud Powered Service Provider in conjunction with VMware's virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions; providing a comprehensive cloud infrastructure for your healthcare IT needs.

Many healthcare organizations are hesitant to adopt cloud services due to privacy concerns, the data migration process, and fear of loss of control over patient-sensitive information. GNAX can answer these concerns and offer several options for cloud computing in the healthcare environment.

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